Black with Sequins Blouses

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Black with Sequins

  • Cowl Blouse: Classic blouse style with a soft drape to the neckline, with a flutter sleeve.
  • Scrunch Blouse: A high, round neckline, extra detail is in the sleeves. Sleeves have a center seam that has loosely stretched elastic sewn in causing the seam to gather or scrunch.
  • Combo Blouse: This is a combination of the other two blouse styles. Featuring the draped neckline with the scrunch sleeve.

Many of these blouses have sold-out.  There is fabric left to create blouses "on demand". 

Please see ORDER Black with Sequins Blouses  to order the style and size you desire.  Usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for blouse to be completed and shipped.