Organizer Bags

Creative bags that are useful for travel organization.  Organization solution for cosmetics, toiletries and jewelry.  

Quilter?  Corral all your "go-to" tools in one of these handy bags.

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Compact Organizer
Compact Organizer:   Flat, tri-fold wallet.  Total of 5 zippered pockets.  Th..
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Small Organizer
Small Organizer: Features 4 sleeves/pages.  Total of 6 zippered pockets.  Eac..
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Tablet/iPad Bag
Tablet/iPad Bag:   These handbag style carriers will fit all your smaller portable electroni..
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Wallet, 4 part
Wallet, 4 part Total of 4 zippered pockets.  Each pocket is equal in size (about 4.5")...
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Large Organizer Bag
 Large Organizer: Features 4 sleeves/pages.  Total of 8 zippered pockets. &nb..
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